... on the website www.lxballoonregister.com.

At this website, you will find all balloons, which are, or have been registered in Luxembourg. Of nearly each balloon, active and inactive, you can even find one or more pictures.

At this moment, 51 balloons are registered.

For questions, comments or hints, just contact me at christoff.deyaert@gmail.com.

Enjoy your visit,

Christoff Deyaert

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26-11 LX-BCB
26-11 LX-BSG

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26-11 LX-BIN
26-11 LX-TOP

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new pictures

29-11 LX-BSG
28-11 LX-BCE
28-11 LX-BCP (1)
28-11 LX-BCP (2)
28-11 LX-BEG

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